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Middle & High School


Hume Lake
Winter Camp 2023


Hume Lake
Winter Camp 2023

Youth Group


6:30 - 8:00pm

Youth Group is a place where we desire is to be a place where students are taught the gospel, encouraged to live in community, and given opportunities to be involved in mission. We strive to do this through a variety of environments. All of our student ministries take place at Hope Youth Center directly across from the sanctuary.

2024 High School Summer Trip

We are excited to be headed to Palm Springs for our 2024 summer trip!


When considering what camp or location to choose, a number of factors came into play, namely price and what type of program. Last year's trip was such a success that we wanted to do all we could to build off of that template. While we all had a ton of fun, the trip heavily honed in on discipleship and fellowship. That exactly the balance we wanted to bring to this summer's trip. I am excited to see what God will do throughout each element of the trip! 

We have rented an epic house with a massive backyard, waterslide, pool, hot tub, lawn, private soccer field, gazebos, etc. which will act as our home base. This is where we will be spending the majority of our time getting to know one another in a deeper, more intentional way through small groups, group teaching, and fellowship, and just plain hanging out and having fun! We will plan to do an all day trek to Disneyland one of the days, as well as a few other shorter excursions around the local Palm Springs area.

Specific trip details will come as the date draws closer...

Cost: $400 per student

To sign up and reserve your student(s) spot(s) you must do BOTH of the following:
1. Fill out our release form CLICK HERE
2. Pay the $100 deposit CLICK HERE

**Space is limited and sign-ups are on a
first come, first served basis!**

See last year's San Diego trip highlight video below...

Hume Lake
Winter 2023
San Diego
Summer 2023


Youth Ministry Calendar

Youth Ministry Calendar

Ministry Contact

Pastor Ben Bransford

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