cold, smooth & tasty.

The women of Sanctuary Bible Church have a very active role in our church family. There’s a place for everyone! If you are interested in helping or being involved, we would love to connect you!
Look for our special events throughout the year!
Heart to Heart Women’s Bible Studies
WOMEN’s HEART to HEART Bible Studies: 
Heart to Heart studies resume Tuesday, January 5.
Three times are offered:
Tuesday mornings in person: 9:30-11:30am; Tuesday afternoons by Zoom: 3:15-5pm; and Tuesday evenings in person: 6-8pm.
We are continuing the study of the Sermon on the Mount by Jen Wilkin.
Contact Peggy Licari if you are just joining us: or (510) 304-7455. (masks and distancing required in person)

A morning of fun and fellowship for women!  You bring your favorite mug and be prepared to share a short 1 minute story about why you love it! It could be because it’s the prefect size or because it is from somewhere you visited. 

Of course, we use our mugs to enjoy coffee with some freshly baked muffins.
This is a informal time to get together as women in one of our homes.

Deaconess Team

Our 2018-2019 Deaconess Team is Robyn Rauh, Elaine Hewett, Sarah Le Warne, Dana Seuss & Julie Gowdy
Our ministries to those who need help…

Hands of Care

We provide meals to anyone who has recently had a baby, had surgery, or lost a loved one.  If you know someone who could benefit from this ministry or you would like to help contact us. 
Food Pantry
We have a food pantry for local families in need.  Families can stop by the church between 9am-3pm, Tuesday – Friday to get help.  If you would like to participate click here for a list of groceries that are helpful – you can drop these off any day at the above times, or on Sundays in the lobby.
Helping the Homeless
Twice per month the IHELP program for men and women are given a safe place to sleep in Faith Hall.  Besides providing shelter we provide dinner. 
Benevolent Fund

On the first Sunday of each month we take a separate collection for our Benevolent Fund.  This money is then designated for anyone in our church struggling due to financial issues, for example, lose of job.  If you know someone who could benefit you may contact us and we will present this to the Elder board.