Senior Pastor

Ash is passionate about helping people study the Bible and strengthening local churches. He has assisted pastors of big and small churches around the country and the world. He is excited to be a part of this season of transition with us.

Ash and Katrina have three daughters and a son. Ash has seen many hobbies come and go over the years, most recently golf and photography.


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Patty serves as our Office Administrator and Bookkeeper. She does a great job keeping our congregation informed with newsletters, bulletins, and emails. Patty loves to scrapbook and craft, hang out with the grandkids and spending time with the girls in the youth group. She and Brad have been at Sanctuary since 1986.  

Brad and Patty raised their 2 daughters at Sanctuary and now enjoy watching their 8 grandkids grow.
Grounds and Facilities

Brad serves Sanctuary in lots of ways. He has been our AWANA commander for long enough that he has been blessed to see generations of kids and family’s trained in the Scriptures by lots of committed volunteers. Brad loves kids and especially loves helping them learn the truth about Jesus.

Brad also serves us by looking after our beautiful campus and keeping our grounds and facilities in tip top shape.
Valley Bible Fellowship

Orville is so grateful God has opened the door for this church plant in Cachagua community that has never had an established church before – as far as we know!

He is passionate about loving the lost on the peninsula and out in the valley. He has three grown sons Tim, Dan, and Joseph – a daughter-in-law Ashleigh and grandson, Knox!
He is amazed at the way Jesus is making a difference out here in the lives of individuals and the life of the church.
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